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(This "Journey to Olman" starts: Villahermosa, Tabasco, ends: Mexico City)


The Olmecs chose the fertile region in the southeast of Mexico, between the states of Veracruz and Tabasco, a country that is also called "Olman". On this trip we'll heal our collective unconscious through sacred ceremonies unravelling their secrets, which are not yet in the textbooks: of a peaceful civilization, led by priest-kings and their superior knowledge, probably navigators of the oceans, skull deformers as a symbol of beauty and intelligence. Read more:


Eine spirituelle Reise an Kraftplätze mit Pascal K'in Greub wird dein Leben positiv verändern (hier während der letzten Reise nach Aztlan, in einer der Höhlen von Chicomóstoc, heiliger Berg Culiacan).

What benefit has this Journey for me?

"It is a Journey of healing, transformation and remembering your roots. You'll find answers about who you are and where you are going in these NEW TIMES. It is a Journey in honor of one of our forgotten Mother Cultures, the Olmecs. Dive into an unforgettable adventure that will lead you into over 3000 years old temples. In school we learn by heart the names of the Olmec sites: La Venta, San Lorenzo, Tres Zapotes – but few, not even the Mexicans, have ever visited these wholy places of incomparable beauty and magic, perhaps because they are not easily accessible and provided with touristical arrows. Pascal K'in and Victorina have repeatedly visited these places and made extraordinary experiences of high spiritual value and timeless knowledge. After visiting the ceremonial center of Chalcatzingo, in the state of Morelos, you will realize how big the expansion and influence of the Olmec culture was: Mother Culture of Mesoamerica. We will symbolically finish the Journey in Teotihuacan and Tenochtitlan, in order to connect us with the origins of those great centers, and to remember that the Olmecs were more than a few settlers in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, as the textbooks often say.
Dare to write your own story about the origin of Mexico and your millennia-old spiritual heritage after this trip. Receive healing, teachings, and fresh impulses in mystical Olman, and live again those Creator-God who is in us all."
Pascal K'in 

Spanish version of this page with more Links and Info.

If you come a few days before to get accustomed to the climate and timezone and benefit from your stay in one of the oldest areas of Mesoamerica, please see the 2 tips of museum visits.

Day 1: Friday Travelday from your home - Nov 21, 2014

Day 2: Saturday Arrival in Villahermosa, México - Nov 22, 2014


Individual arrival at Villahermosa, Tabasco (Gulf of Mexico). We wish you a nice and safe trip into the cradle of your ancient spiritual heritage! (Spanish text in my blog, or here an English text).

2:30 pm: Departure and official start for the group from the Hotel Suites San Angel to Parque La Venta with the colossal heads from La Venta, with Olmec statues and stelae.

3:00 pm: Entrance to the park, who is late, find us there. Our group has the permission to stay longer than the official time and enjoy the archaeological park in silence. Note from the heart: Please arrive on time in Villahermosa, it is of great importance for your pilgrimage in the footsteps of the Olmecs to connect with the colossal heads, altars and stelae, which all were moved from their original locations, which we will visit on our journey.

7:00 pm: Meeting at the hotel to know the group members, presentation with beautiful imagery of the Olmecs. Meditation with Pascal K'in. 8:30 pm: Dinner and rest.


Entrance to the archaeological site of La Venta, the most important Olmec city of its time (900 to 400 BC, after San Lorenzo was abandoned). In this city, the oldest Mesoamerican pyramid was built, 34 meters high, and its conical shape has been interpreted as a representation of a volcano.

Ritual in the old ceremonial district; we then climb up the pyramid and visit the beautiful museum. Although all the original parts have been placed in the Parque La Venta in Villahermosa, help presentable copies that were placed at their original location (4 colossal heads, stelae as the "Mohawk", altars, etc.).

A total of 17 colossal Olmec heads have been unearthed to date: 4 heads in La Venta, 10 in San Lorenzo, 2 in Tres Zapotes and 1 in Rancho la Cobata. We briefly visit the hills of the local Olmec city Acayucan. Hotel Plaza in Acayucan, Veracruz.


Short visit of Lomas de Tacojalpan with its hills/pyramids, the old Jaguar-Serpent-Island, according to local tradition the heart of Olman and the "center of the civilization of Anahuac, between Chalchihuites and Nicaragua" (as Maestro Jose Manuel de Minatitlan said who appears in this video). Archaeologists estimate the location on 1500 BC to 1521 AD. In Hidalgotitlán we cross the Rio Coatzacoalcos with a old ferry. Short visit to the hills/pyramids of the Olmec city Ahuatepec on a river island in the Rio Coatzacoalcos. Connection at distance with the Cerro del Manatí, ancient sanctuary and origin of the Olmec culture with its subtle Mother-guardian (1600-1200 BC).

Ride to San Lorenzo, we cross the Rio Coatzacoalcos with another village-ferry. Visit of the Museum of San Lorenzo with two colossal heads and the recently found solar disk. Continue and visit of the sacred Olmec city of San Lorenzo, where their great civilization and culture flourished (1200-900 BC). The Olmecs banked up the main hill artificially and were great masters in the installation of irrigation systems, canals and terraces; it seems that many of them still are in use in the villages, without knowing that they look back on thousands of years of history.

If the road and weather conditions allowe us... Ride to Azuzul where the famous twins were found with her Egyptian look (now in the Museum of Anthropology of Jalapa) and perhaps to Potrero Nuevo (1200-900 BC) with its mini-museum. Back to Acayucan, Plaza Hotel.


Visit of the holy Olmec city Laguna de los Cerros. It was a settlement that was inhabited during a particularly long period of time, probably for about 2000 years, since the time of the arrival of the Olmecs to the classical period. Personal energetic work at one of the most beautiful places of the Olmecs with his highly vibrant and vital energy, where normally no visitors arrive. Drive to the beautiful Lake Catemaco, from there to the beach at Roca Partida with Olmec traces in the stones, where they extracted the basalt. You are invited to imagine the Olmecs as navigators of the seas, as they came from Asia, Africa, Europe, as some theories say... We will eat delicious fresh fish in the beach palapas. Near the cabañas where we will spend the night, at the pristine beach of Montepío, with swimming pool, are the twin waterfalls, a magical place for relaxation, meditation and a bath in the crystal clear water, pouring down of the Sierra of San Andres, the sacred mountain of the Olmecs.


Olmec ceremony on the beach: Purification and remembering of the Mother cultures, the  seafarer of the world's oceans; thanksgiving to the living-giving fluid of the planet, the water. Departure towards Tres Zapotes: visit of the museum, then on to the hill-pyramid Camila. The settlement time here was approximately parallel to La Venta, however, was inhabited until the time after the Olmecs. This place is unique in its cosmic significance, the vibrations are so high in this "ethereal temple", called by the mystics "Ra-Bon", that the sensitive pilgrim will reach profound states of healing, transformation and information download. Meditating in this secret place accelerates your mental, spiritual and creative development at turbo-speed.

Departure to Santiago Tuxtla, where we will contemplate the colossal head in the middle of the Zocalo (main square). Possible visit to the Regional Museum Tuxteco with another Olmec colossal head. Journey to Oaxaca. Check-in at hotel in Oaxaca.


Visit of San Jose Mogote, the most important city of Oaxaca before Monte Alban. Its prosperity was over the years 1800-1500 BC, because it was a hub for economic, political and ceremonial activities of the other regions, such as the Olmec. Very close, probably with a similar history, Huitzo and the ancient Huijazoo (possible visit to one of these two archaeological sites, depending on climatic conditions and access).

Ride to the beautiful Mitla valley and brief stop at the main road overlooking the Plateau of Caballito Blanco (White little Horse) whose settlement dates back to the time of hunter-gatherers and where cave and rock paintings have been found. Visit of the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua, a holy place for thousands of years with prehistoric sanctuaries, located in more than five hours walk. You can bathe in the warm thermal water. This natural spectacle is unique, and there is only one comparable in Turkey. The place with its quiet magic is known for its complex irrigation and terraces system, which was built by the Zapotecs about 2,500 years ago, unique in its kind in Mexico. The early inhabitants developed here an intensive agriculture, which was oriented to the optimization of the source water, in an area with very steep slopes. (More info and pictures 1, 2, 3).

Depending on the interest of the group, it is also possible, instead of Hierve el Agua, 

to visit the Zapotec city Dainzú a visit. It seems possible that it was already occupied some centuries before the founding of Monte Alban, therefore, being a contemporary of other major metropolitan areas such as San Jose Mogote in the Valley of Etla.

Return to the hotel in Oaxaca, walk on the beautiful Zocalo, dinner, dancing hehehe...


Visit Monte Alban, the famous city of the Zapotec, who maintained cultural and trade contacts with Teotihuacan in the north and the Mayan cities like Kaminaljuyu in Guatemala. To build the palaces, temples and the observatory, the Zapotecs have just flattened down a whole hill. The oldest finds are the famous stelae with the dancers that are of Olmec origin. It is highly recommended to visit the museum.

Drive to Izúcar de Matamoros, where we remember that 7 km away, in Las Bocas, at the foot of the Cerro Caballo Pintado ("Painted Horse"), have been found the famous ceramic figurines in the Olmec style. Arrival at new built Cuexcomates cabañas with swimming pool right in front of the Olmec sanctuary and pyramid of Chalcatzingo. Night meditation using the beautiful energy in this place, which is magical, powerful, poetic, unlike any other ceremonial center. As Chalcatzingo decayed, gained today's archaeological site Las Pilas in Jonatepec in importance as ceremonial center (which we will not visit due to time constraints).


Visit of the ceremonial center of the Olmecs in Chalcatzingo, with its pyramid, cave and rock drawings, and its small museum. It lies at the foot of the hills Delgado and La Cantera, two massive boulders; the development started 3500 years ago by the Olmecs, who settled there. The agriculture with terraces and hydraulic systems was the basis of their bloom. From the year 1000 to 100 BC Chalcatzingo was an important political and religious center; from this period date a serie of reliefs on the rock walls that can be admired.

We'll travel on to the foot of the Popocatepetl volcano, guardian and symbol of Mexico, with its female counterpart, the Iztaccihuatl. Lunch in Tetela del Volcan with its bright and highly vibrant energy.

On the way we remember other Olmec cities such as Olintepec, south of Cuautla, the Cerro de Atlihuayán in Yautepec east of Cuernavaca or the ceremonial center of Zazacatla, excavated in 2006, south of Cuernavaca. Then we drive on to Amecameca to round the future Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) in the east, with a short visit of the archaeological site of Tlapacoya at the foot of the Cerro del Elefante (on the shore of the former lake of Chalco, today Ixtapaluca). His famous clay figures are dated from 1500 to 300 BC. It can be assumed that it was a ceremonial center of the Olmecs, furthermore human remains were found in Tlapacoya aged up to 25,000 years, thereby belonging to the oldest in the Americas! We pass another former Olmec settlement, the one of Tlatilco (on the banks of the former lake of Texcoco, today Naucalpan, between 1500 and 500 BC). Hotel in Teotihuacan, the mysterious city founded and inspired by the culture of the Olmecs.


Entrance into the "City of the Gods", Teotihuacan, whose origin remains a mystery to archaeologists. Visit of the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Serpent, Kukulkan of the Mayas). Energizing ritual in solar consciousness on top of the Sun Pyramid. Ritual for the return of the goddess and the integration of your feminine energy on top of the Moon Pyramid. (Article about Egypt-America here).

We will connect to the Olmec past of Teotihuacan in ceremonies and meditation. Visit of the museum. Lunch all together in restaurant. Shopping. Surprise and time to rest, pack, dinner...


Entrance to the round pyramid of Cuicuilco located at the southern end of what was the former Lake of Texcoco and one of the first and most important ceremonial centers of the Valley of Mexico, founded by the Olmecs; his colonization time goes back to 1200 BC to 150 AD (probably much older). The eruption of the volcano Xitle in 400 AD

covered almost the whole city with lava, which in its heyday had more than 20,000 inhabitants. Closing ceremony for transformation, reconnecting with the energy of Mother/Goddess and taking action for everyday life, in this place with its special feminine energy.

Approximate arrival time at the Airport in Mexico City: 13:00 hrs (depending on our guests with stops at Terminal 2, then 1). 13:45 hrs: Stop at TAPO (Terminal de Autobuses de Oriente. We wish you a nice and safe trip back home!

14:30 hrs: Last stop of our bus at the Zocalo of Mexico City, for those travelers who like to stay a few more days or travel on with Victorina and Pascal K'in in the Extra-Program (see below). Visit of Templo Mayor of the former city of Tenochtitlan, the great Mesoamerican civilization of the Mexicas and Nahuas, founded in 1325 in the middle of the Lake of Texcoco and devastated in 1521 by Hernan Cortes and his indigenous allies (ticket not included in package).

Tips for your individual adventure or with your partner before the meeting with the group:


Museo de Antropología de Xalapa, Veracruz, is a real "must"; there are exhibited most of the colossal heads from San Lorenzo, a place we will visit, the twins of Azuzul and the Señor de las Limas. Opening times: 9.00 to 17.00 hrs, from Tuesday to Sunday, admission $ 50 pesos; I spent six hours in the museum, and the encrypted information in ceremonial pieces moved me to thick tears and energized me. (Tip: Spend January 1st or 2nd, 2014 in Xalapa, there are buses from Mexico City to Xalapa, then overnight from Xalapa in about 10 hours in a comfortable 1st class seat to Villahermosa, Tabasco, both with ADO.)


Museo Regional de Antropología Carlos Pellicer Cámara applies for its archaeological collection as the second most important in the country, surpassed only by the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City.
Opening times: 9.00 to 17.00 hrs, Tuesday to Sunday, admission $ 20 pesos. (Tip: Victorina and Pascal will be visiting the museum on Friday, January 3, 2014 from 11:00-13:30 hrs, we can meet you there, drop us an email, afterwards we can go for lunch)
. Museum. Info Turismo Villahermosa (another tip: the zoo of Villahermosa).


Sunday 12 January - Friday 17 January 2014    E X T R A - P R O G R A M

(not included in the price of the main program from 3-12 January 2014)


Instead of just beat it, you can extend your Journey individually, exploring magically Mexico City, the impressive Olmec pyramid city of Teotenango at Tenango del Valle, and spending a few days in the retreat center of Pascal K'in, on the holy mountain in Malinalco with its 900 year old Ahuehuete (Montezuma cypress) and its spring of healing water:

If you are interested in these 4 extra days, please write us, in order to get the costs for hotel and transportation service and to see if we can bring together a minimum group.


... on the same day, 12 January 2014: Templo Mayor in Mexico City, formerly Tenochtitlan, Cathedral, (DF Hotel in the centre).

Monday, 13 January 2014: Cerro del Tepeyac and the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the saint patron of Mexico, then Museo Nacional de Antropología

with the original master pieces of the Olmec art, such as the jade figurines from La Venta (again a "must"!).

Tuesday, 14 January 2014:Cerro de la Estrella (Iztapalapa, D.F.), another sacred hill in the Mexico Valley, whose settlement was in contact with the ones from Cuicuilco, with his pyramid base where the New Fire was lit every year. Departure to Toluca, visit of the impressive Pyramid of Teotenango in Tenango del Valle (of Olmec origin and an entrance to the Inner Earth). Beginning of the transcendental-cosmic integration ceremony-cycle with Pascal K'in and Victorina on the magic mountain in Malinalco, Estado de Mexico (either camping or hotel in Malinalco; to the first ones we can lend a tent, the others please bring it with you, it can stay on the bus throughout the journey).

Wednesday, 15 January 2014: Visit and spiritual Rally (holy circuit) in the Pyramid of Malinalco, overlooking the magical village. Here, the Mexica initiations took place and it was a place of worship of the Goddess (the pyramid steps and the central bank with Eagle and Jaguar head are among the few rock-cut monuments of the world). In the afternoon special transpersonal ritual workshop Olman on the mountain.

Thursday, 16 January 2014: Walk through the mountains and visit of rock paintings, knowledge of medicinal plants in our protected nature reserve with a village elder. You can dry some plants and take them home! Visit of the Cathedral of Malinalco with religious paintings. Continuation of the transpersonal workshops on the magic mountain.

Friday, 17 January 2014: Malinalco, relax, rich and healthy breakfast, ceremonial closing, 12:00 hrs drive to Mexico City (options: stops in Toluca or Cuernavaca, depending on the agreement with the participants). Day of journey back home.


The anticipation before the trip is the best! ...Join me on the



Journeys to Power Places, with Pascal K'in Greub, healer and modern medecine man, since 13 years living in Mexico (here in Palenque, January 2013).

Important Note: This is not a tourist trip, we don't hire cultural tourist guides. It's more of a pilgrimage for people who like to meditate and perform ceremonies in the places we visit (but there is absolutely no previous knowledge necessary). The approach is based on receiving information at any place and creating an own view of the things. Changes in the program are possible due to weather and other external conditions, let us respect the flow of things and how the universe responds to our group. Pascal K'in gently leads the group as in an intensive workshop, so that each person can pursue their inner process towards personal growth. Thank you for your Light Warrior Spirit in the unity of the group, we'll sometimes forget the real time, if the work requires it, and some meals will take the form of a picnic while traveling, if the distances are long. Thank you for your support.

We await for you on the Journey to Olman, that will change your life, this we garantee you, Pascal K'in and Victorina...
We await for you on the Journey to Olman, that will change your life, this we garantee you, Pascal K'in and Victorina...

SOY LA RED - Para un México entrelazado en sanación y recreación.
Our aventure and pilgrimage route JOURNEY TO OLMAN ... 3-12 January 2014
Our aventure and pilgrimage route JOURNEY TO OLMAN ... 3-12 January 2014



The normal price for this trip is 1990 Euro.

We can offer a very special offer to people from Latin America and previous East-European countries: USD 1995, and even an earlybird until June 30, 2014 for only USD 1700. (In order to apply for this special price you must send us per email a copy of your passport or ID and a official paper of residence.)


All the prices can be changed suddenly and adapted to the currency fluctuations.


We can offer a special ticket for your ride from Mexico City to Villahermosa (Hotel Suites Junior San Angel), departure Novembre 21, 2014 at 10:00 pm: only 50 Euro (for Latinamericans and Citizens from Eastern Europe 30 Euro or USD 40).


>>> Limited number of participants to 13 seats!    (we have already began the registration, get your seat now!)


**************************** until here changed!


  • Double occupancy in a 3-4-star hotel. (For single occupancy please see extra price).
  • Transport to the mentioned sights every day with comfortable mini van.
  • Admission to all pyramids, museums, etc.
  • Spiritual accompaniment throughout the Journey with Pascal K'in Greub (meditations, information, healings, transpersonal and shamanic work).
  • Logistical Services and consultancy by the Institute for Heart-Time.


Not included:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Donations and unforeseen guided visits.
  • Transportion from Mexico City or any other city to Villahermosa, Tabasco. Transportation from Mexico City back home.
  • Additional nights.
  • Tip at the hotel, for the bus driver and other people.



Bathing dress, rain protection, lightweight clothing with long sleeves for the forest, mosquito repellent, sun protection, sacred objects for your pilgrimage in the holy places.



>>> Special prices only for Mexican residents (Mexicans living in Mexico): Please send a copy of your Mexican passport and ID, as well as a confirmation of your residence. If you have residence in another country you pay the normal price.


Payment Agreement: In the case of cancellation of the travel due to unforeseen circumstances, your entire deposit will be refunded; we are not responsible for plane or bus tickets, which were bought by the participants from the starting location to Villahermosa, Tabasco, and from Mexico City to his final destination. It is recommended to contact the Institute for Heart-Time prior to the purchase of personal travel tickets. Payments which the traveler has made, cannot be reimbursed, if the traveler is not able to compete the journey; the traveler may only be replaced by another person, if he pays the missing amount.


To reserve your place on this Journey, it is necessary to pay 50% of the total amount. Let us know how much you like to deposit and we will send you a payment invitation with Paypal (so you can pay with credit card).



Make your

Payment here:

The magic and benefit for your life of these Journeys of Power are indescribable, here in Palenque, January 2013
Trip to Olman land

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