Healing is reassume responsibility for your life.

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I use my own technique of the Invisible Healer, developed on the teachings of the Mayan Priest Don Lauro in Mexico, which dissolves blocked energy and harmonizes your body.
All blocks in our lives, such as insecurity, lack of empathy, existencial shortages and diseases are energetical (matter is actually "frozen energy") and can be taken to an implosion and released with high frequency energy



New Video in Spanish: Pascal K'in Greub, the Invisible Healer.



This is a charitable project which bases on donations or depending on the country on a minimum amount to cover costs.

How Pascal got to the Invisible Healer + why "invisible"? (Esp, Deu)   

Benefit: You will receive your energy renewed remarkably and the power of your Heart-Time. Then there will come improvements in professional, partner and private life. I had the opportunity to experiment repeatedly with gratitude, how a client was cured even in one single session. The doctors gave him only a few years of life expectancy or he suffered from a so-called "incurable disease". However I do not call myself a Healer, I am just an instrument or channel.

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Trabajamos sin sustancias psicotrópicas.

We work without psychotropic substances.

Wir arbeiten ohne psychotrope Stoffe.

Símbolo ancestral de la conciencia del corazón y su expansión. / Ancient symbol of heart consciousness and tis expansion. / Uraltes Symbol des Herzbewusstseins und seiner Ausweitung.