In your Madness you find your Reality. In your Reality lays your Health. In your Health is awakening your  Spirituality.

 (Don Lauro de la Cruz)

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Hi, I am Pascal K’in Greub, the founder of the movement “It is Heart-Time”.  Welcome to your Heart-Time-Site!


Once I suffered depressions and neurosis. Then, a dream guided me to a Mayan Priest and I stayed there. I have learnt to follow the call of my soul.


The knowledge which I was given during the last 11 years, I resume it  as Heart-Time.


Through my innovative method (including  Sacred Movements, group dynamics, Laughter, " Invisible Healings"...) within hours you can become happy, healthy and successful.

The heart of my service is our Charitable Project based on donations because poverty or limiting beliefs should not be the insurmountable threshold to new possibilities for living healthy and happy. I invite you to participate in the "normal services" and thus supporting others who currently do not have the power to create. To cocreate the world we dream of we are as strong as the weakest.



Are you ready to change something in you, in a world that is undergoing such rapid change? - Then I would love to accompany you into the wisdom of your own Heart-Time.


Out of this inner power you soon can reach the following:


  1. With pleasure you assume responsibility for your life and your personal success.
  2. You know the meaning of your life and take care of your own well-being, health and happiness.
  3. You maintain mutually nurturing relationships with your life partner, your friends and in business.
  4. You get closer to your goals and live in abundance in all areas.
  5. You are practicing a natural and grounded spirituality and expand your consciousness constantly.



¡Bienvenida y bienvenido en la nueva página web! La información básica es la misma en las 3 idiomas. Sin embargo, si hablas varias idiomas podrás encontrar información que varía con el idioma en Eventos, Blog etc. ¡Diviértete!

Welcome to our new Website! The basic information is the same in the 3 languages. However, if you speak more languages you can find slightly different information under Events, Blog, etc. Enjoy! 

Willkommen auf der neuen Webseite! Die Grundinformation ist auf allen 3 Sprachseiten die gleiche. Falls du jedoch mehrere Sprachen sprichst, wirst Du leicht verschiedene Information unter Events, Blog, etc. entdecken. Viel Spass!



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Trabajamos sin sustancias psicotrópicas.

We work without psychotropic substances.

Wir arbeiten ohne psychotrope Stoffe.

Símbolo ancestral de la conciencia del corazón y su expansión. / Ancient symbol of heart consciousness and tis expansion. / Uraltes Symbol des Herzbewusstseins und seiner Ausweitung.