Spiritual Journey - Frequency 2013

In our last pilgrimage to part of the Maya land, the Masters show us the itinerary during a month. With you, we will follow paths and visit temples, patios and places that are not accessible to public in general. We will be fortunate to vibrate in other dimensions, see in the millenary Maya time and their sacred cities and their universal schools.  Live those parallel universes where there is no time; change your cells, your DNA and your life forever.


The Spiritual Trip – Frequency 2013 will be more an interior journey than exterior, you will find responses, energy and health to your life. This way we will contribute with our two cents to perceive and to co-create a new world, your next 26’000 years.


Are you ready to start this way, in a trance of love, a party for your soul?  Seed your own abundance there, we all have so much wealth inside and outside to live; there are so many excuses – change them! Change your life today. The rest will be set by the universe, so do not worry.


Love, laugh and light to your life – Pascal K’in


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EUROPA-TOUR 26.2.-13.4.2014 mit Buchvorstellungen, Workshops etc.

Das Buch erscheint am 5. Feb.2014: LATTICE SURFING - das kosmische Lebensnetz, Drachenkraft und die kommende Herzzeit 


¡Sale el libro SOY LA RED en aleman,

el 5 feb 2014!


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Question of the month:

"Tú decides cuando empieza tu Nueva Era - ¿cómo inicias la tuya?"


"You decide when your New Era begins - how will you iniciate it?"

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    Caroline Willer (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 15:16)

    Hallo lieber Pascal,
    wie schön dass Du bei uns im guten alten europe warst (-;

    Ich hoffe du bist gut heimgekommen und wir sehen Dich bald wieder!

    von Herzen viele Grüße
    Caro, Carl und die Camarguepferde (-:

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    Patricia CR (Sunday, 12 January 2014 00:25)

    Yo la inicio en el aquí y el ahora,
    desde el centro de mi corazón
    gracias por los conocimientos que compartes

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    Pascal K'in Greub (Friday, 06 December 2013 14:42)

    ¡... aquí puedes anotar tus comentarios sobre la pregunta del mes!
    ... here you can write your comment about the question of the month!

Anteriores preguntas del mes clic aquí. Old Questions of the month clic here.

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