Meditation Devin Bratislava - Malinalco

Interview in English and Slovak about high frecuency, with exercise and meditation.


Skype Video conference in spiritual conference Bratislava.

In the second half of the video, accompanying the interview after the meditation, we show pictures of may workshop in Bratislava 2011, on the power place of Devin (Theben in German), national power site of Slovakia. 29 september 2011.


You will be very welcome to join the events in Czech Republic, take a look at the program here.

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DVD Kelten, Kirche und Kosmos

PIlgern auf dem Odilienberg (bei Strassburg, F)

I. Einweihungen

2. Meditationen (visuelle Reisen mit Gesang, entlang der Keltenmauer und im Kloster)

Trabajamos sin sustancias psicotrópicas.

We work without psychotropic substances.

Wir arbeiten ohne psychotrope Stoffe.